Citizens & Saints Series – 04.08.18–05.27.18

We believe that the entirety of the Bible is both vital and important for every season and every moment of life. It is amazing how certain portions of the Bible speak to and address issues and topics that are both timely and relevant. For the time and moment of history that we are living in right now, Ephesians is not only timely and relevant but specific, necessary, and needed. The issues that are tackled in and through this letter are issues that we are facing and dealing with today. Through this letter, we are given the tools necessary to navigate the complexities of faith, struggle, indifference, division, spirituality, marriage, and the darkness within us and around us. Citizens and Saints is a series that helps us understand who we are in Christ, what is provided by Christ, and how to stand in Christ. If there ever was a time for this letter, the letter to the Ephesians, it is now.