Citizens & Saints

04.08.18 – 05.13.18
6 Messages
For the time and moment of history that we are living in right now, Ephesians is not only timely and relevant but specific, necessary, and needed. The issues that are tackled in and through this letter are issues that we are facing and dealing with today. 

Pour It Out

1 Message
The idea of sacrifice is one that we try to avoid, but it's one of the main points of the Jesus story, and each of us is called into some sort of sacrifice. This message is a reminder of what can happen when we sacrifice!

Splinter & Sparrow

1 Message
In this message, we take a deeper look at what is provided in and through the resurrection of Jesus. For many of us, hope is an illusive reality, one that is rarely experienced and often frustrating. But, there is hope in Jesus that sustains us and keeps us going no matter our circumstances.


Thresholds: The Art of Pushing Through

1 Message
Pastor Jason shares about thresholds and how, as often as we find ourselves in threshold moments, we can know that as we push through there is a promise on the other side.

Remember the Bunny

1 Message
In this message, we take a look at the incredible power supplied to us in and through Jesus.


1 Message
In this message Pastor Jason asks us to see something bigger, from a grander perspective, than what we've seen before. He challenges us to see the opportunities God has set before us and the promise within them.


Square Peg in a Round Hole

1 Message
Pastor Justin looks at our identity, where it is found, and ultimately what God says about us!



01.07.18 – 01.28.18
4 Messages
In this series, we are going to discover what it means to live a life of fulfillment, purpose, and passion. We will look at what it takes to live for something and someone bigger than ourselves and how to make the most of this life. If it is just a blip... let's make it the best blip ever! 

Christmas: A Not So Christmas

12.03.17 – 12.31.17
5 Messages
Every year we search for the right gift, the right tree, the right decorations and the right feeling of Christmas. Yet in all of our searching, we are overstressed, overcommitted, overspent and simply over it. The truth is that there is so such much more to Christmas. 


Open Doors

1 Message
Pastor Jason shares what God teaches us through opportunities and open doors.

What Do You See?

1 Message
God will ask us to try and see things that are beyond our natural ability to see. He will ask us to see beyond the difficulty, the pain, the fear in order to ultimately see what He sees for our lives. He asks us to see a different perspective.

Ever Victorious

1 Message
As a child of God, there is a stature we can carry. It's a stature of confidence and truth, because of our salvation in and through Christ. It's the stature of a victor.


The Problem with Prayer

1 Message
Pastor Jason speaks on the prayer and how it applies to our day to day lives.

Waiting on The Lord

1 Message
The hardest thing God asks us to do is wait. There may be nothing more confusing, troubling, painful, but it can also be the most rewarding.



Social Space

09.10.17 – 10.22.17
8 Messages
In this series, we are going to be looking at relationships and the space they occupy in our lives. More importantly how to navigate them, strengthen them, develop them and steward them.

Jimmy: The Journey of Obedience

07.02.17 – 09.03.17
10 Messages
For every single one of us there will be a moment that we ask the question, “does my life represent what I believe?” There is an alignment that every single one of us looks for in our life.