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Purposed: A Cherish Event

In Proverbs 29:18, the Bible reminds us that when we have no vision, we perish. Simply stated, our life is meant to have purpose! 

Purpose produces a life full of destiny and impact. It's time to engage a life lived on mission. As women of God, our life can be one full of God assignments. 

Over this four-hour event, we will begin to be ignited toward a "purposed" life! We believe you'll come to recognize God's plan in the pain, in the joy, and in the unexpected moments; to realize the purposeful design of your everyday life. 

Join us, along with special guest, Pastor Judith Crist, from Hillsong Phoenix, for a powerful day! We will have light breakfast and lunch. 


We are planning an incredibly packed four-hours where you will experience incredible worship, a God-breathed word, powerful breakouts, food (lunch included), friends and some other wonderful surprises!


This event is for every woman in your life, from teen to grandmother, we honor doing life together, and growing in all God has for us. Each of us will have something to glean from this day, so every woman is invited and encouraged to attend.


Tickets are just $25 (including lunch). To register, click HERE.