Called up

It’s time. You’re being called up. You’re being asked and invited to get in the game. Get off the bench. Leave behind whatever is binding you to the past and allow God to show you how good it is to be a part of the team.

There are a million things that keep us from being a part of the race God has laid before us. Our stage of life. Our sin that we feel so long ago disqualified us. Our insecurity. Our personality. But here’s the thing, Jesus knows all of that, we were created in the image of our Creator, so our excuses simply dismiss who He created us to be.

Join us on Friday, May 20th and Saturday, May 21st for an incredible conference designed to remind you of exactly what you were created to do and to spur you into the great influence God has placed upon you.

We will have several special moments with many women from The Well including our Lead Pastor, Erica Parrish and our Youth Pastor, Sarah Nelsen. We are so excited to announce our guest speaker for Tribe Conference, Elyse Murphy!

Elyse Murphy is a writer, speaker, and influencer who is committed to using her platform to have authentic conversations and share meaningful moments that inspire people to live up to their God-given calling. She’s an over-sharer and a people pleaser and will probably get distracted mid-conversation, but she’s doing her best to live a healthy life (body, soul, and spirit) and point them to Jesus… And she’s ok if that’s a little bit messy. In fact, these days? She kind of likes it messy.⁠

In a world that is desperate to be seen, she’s on a mission to be known. And she wants to take everyone with her.⁠

Expect an incredible time of worship, gathering, food, fun, equipping, and encouragement as we dive into running the race set before us, individually and collectively! 

Invite all the girls in your world!!

As a Tribe, we are being called up. We are being called to get in the game. We are being called up to bring Christ into our homes, our workspaces, our schools, and all of our relationships. The best part is that we are part of a body, the body of Christ, and we are not alone. Each of us has our part to play, our position of influence, and our race to run. It’s time to cast off all that hinders us and get in the game!